How to pay here?

Yes, this site is dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Yes, 90% of visitors have experience with bitcoins and altcoins. But … Still, it’s worth making a step-by-step explanation – how to pay with bitcoins (altcoins) for the data that is posted here.

In short:
1) You pay for the article / research.
2) You receive an email with a link inside.
3) Download articles / research from this link (download limit 10 times).

And now in more detail …

So, let’s go … We select the article / study that you want to purchase. ->

Click on Purchase to add it to the shopping cart.->

Click on Checkout to go to the shopping cart. ->

Inside the cart, fill in the e-mail (1), First Name (2) fields, click on Purchase (3). ->

Next, you can see the payment details. Firstly, this is the amount in bitcoins which roughly corresponds to the indicated value in dollars. Secondly, this is the address of the bitcoin wallet to which you need to make a payment. Please note that you can also pay with altcoins. Ethereum and Litecoin are accepted.

So, for example, you have a bitcoin wallet at You need to make a payment. In order for us to have a uniform format, first switch to english. Like here:

Let’s switch the used currency to the dollar. ->

Since we want to transfer bitcoins, we press Send.->

We need to make a payment in bitcoins, click on the corresponding icon:

Remember, on the site we received the requisites? The amount of bitcoins and bitcoin wallet to transfer. This information is needed now. Fill out the form, then click Continue:

It remains to confirm the payment. Click Send Now. If you have two-factor authentication, you must additionally enter an SMS to confirm the payment.

Congratulations! The payment went through. Within 20 minutes, the site will form a link by which you can download the purchased research (article). The link will be sent to you to the mailbox that you specified during the purchase process (download limit – 10 times).